Dubai Bond Trust is your trusted partner in building a secure future.

Low-risk, high-reward investment options that help you meet your short, medium and long–term financial obligations. Download the free brochure and learn how to invest in bonds.

Earn Up to 7.9% Per Annum
Fully Guaranteed Bonds
Fully Regulated
1-5 years terms
Monthly Interest Payments
No Commission or Fees
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Your financial future is safeguarded

You’ll be earning a higher return than what your savings account is giving, but without the risk.

Higher Income

Looking for better interest rates? Discover special programs that allow investors to save with no penalties.


Invest with total peace of mind knowing that bonds are fully regulated.

Regular Payments

Take advantage of the opportunity to get a steady income stream from your investments.

Preferential Rates

Get to know when the next special rate and first access bonds are available before the public.

Your family will always have a secure future

You will no longer have to worry about your investments and will be able to enjoy early retirement. Download the free brochure today!

Download FREE Brochure

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